Thursday, May 29, 2008

still not sure which way to go for next year

Looked at an online school but in talking with husband I dont think that will be the best route. Husband is all "get a standardized test!" "You have to see where they compare to PS" I am more of the mind "who cares where they compare to PS. ask a PS kid about art. ask a PS kid about shakespeare." They may not be exactly on level with the ps in everything. But why does it matter as long as they are moving forward and learning? and if they dont learn X by grade X will the sky fall? what if they dont learn it until X+1? why is that a problem? THAT is why I homeschool. so we can do things at our own pace. I don't see where a Standardized test will show anything more than if they are good test takers. My one son I KNOW is not a good test taker. for one thing he has ADD. and he is NOT prone to worrying about details. If you get ONE answer in the wrong line then the rest of the entire test is off! how is THAT a measure of knowledge? We generally have used the "PASS" test. but maybe the peabody would be better. the only problem there is that you have to have someone to administer it. PASS you can do yourself. although if the only requirement is a college degree I have that covered.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what to do for next year

I am looking at Oak meadow again but not sure I want to fork out the cash to find they still dont like it. its a lot of money!! I also already bought several things from barnes and noble. I could of course return them and that would pay for the kindergarten curriculum from oak meadow. almost. I am not sure where to go with Cody and feel I need more guidance in finding appropriate things for him to do. He didnt like oak meadow before because it was a lot of writing and a lot of reading. he is reading more now though. He also is much more willing to write than he was before. Chrysta I think could thrive on it. she is a kid who oddly enough loves to do work. especially if its work of her choosing. that doesnt always work out so well though. you cant learn to run before you can walk! If I remember though the oak meadow math was a bit on the slow side but they could keep on with the saxon math. I just dont know. It would cost almost 800 for all three. Wonder how much it is if I piece it together without the math. less maybe.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We saw something exciting!

We went to the history museum to see one of the original declaration of independence. the only one that is allowed to travel. It was neat to see it up close but it would have been more fun without the little ones. They were rambunctious to say the least. but hey we can at least say we SAW the declaration of independence up close and personal. it is not a vague idea of something written somewhere. we saw it. Now would be a good time to do a unit on the declaration but I have no energy to do that.

While there we also saw exhibits about MN sesquicentennial. I got to go through my favorite exhibit where they follow the life of one house and the many inhabitants that lived in it through the years.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Homeschool year is ending

We are getting tired of school. We have not done much in the last week or so. I find that spring gets us wanting to follow other pursuits. The young ones need to finish their apple lapooks. I also have stuff for money lapbooks if we get around to it. If we dont we can always do it next year. Cody is working on a model airplane he picked up at a rummage sale and Chrysta is baking. Ethan is happy to be outside again. Even though the weather hasnt been the greatest I would have to say, based on the color of his feet, summer has begun. His little pink feet are now blackish. He loves to be barefoot so his feet get SO DIRTY they wont come clean no matter how hard I scrub. Happens every year!= ) Maia has learned to write her name and is practicing that. Ethan is starting to read things, without knowing he is actually reading! I know we will still do things throughout the summer but we won't be tied to books and schedules. YAY! This year the "spring fever/burnout" and urge to send them to school was greater than ever before. I went to Kindergarten round up and it was a good experience for me. I know now that I will keep schooling them. I was so underimpressed with the school. It is good to know though what it is like there.