Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I guess its official. I sent off the paperwork today for IQacademy for the kids. I dont know why I am nervous about it all. I just am. Orientation and computer hand out is in August and school starts Sept2. This will be the first year since....I cant remember....that we have had an official start and end date for school. we generally work when we work and stop when we stop. Maia and Ethan I am planning to go to preschool two days(afternoons) a week. That should free me up a bit for a little bit of MY interests. I wont have to report for anyone this year. thats nice. no deadline there. Little E is not old enough to report. I am sure he will learn stuff but it wont be because I sent in a form saying so. I keep waiting for the right moment to get out some of the stuff I got for them for school. (the little ones I mean) Ethan probably needs a new backpack this year. his is wearing out. Maia's is still in great shape though because she didnt take it to school. Not sure what the heck happens to backpacks at school that wears them out so bad. You wouldnt think that popping in a couple of papers would make such an impact on the integrity of the pack. I got some new crayons and glue sticks at target this week. glue sticks were 20 cents for a 2 pack or a ten pack for 2.99. does that make any sense at all? Perhaps in convenience....I mean opening FOUR packages is just SO much work maybe someone pays extra to only open one? I dont know, sounds kind of dumb to me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I went to IQacadamy open house. I liked it for the most part. But it has its drawbacks. I suppose everything would. But right now I am thinking if I had two in school full time I would have more time and more patience. Cody doesnt want to go to school. he could do IQ and the other two could go to PS and Maia could go to preschool. I am torn. as I am every year. If the two littles were as laid back as Cody was at this age it wouldnt be so hard but they are little monsters and into EVERYTHING ALL DAY LONG. perhaps my time for homeschool is over. I dont know.
and all the way to the open house meeting I kept thinking the name Molly Jo. the woman doing the presentation was named Molly Johnson. I didnt know that until I got there. wierd.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

note to self

questions to ask when looking at schools,
is content mastery the goal or content completion?
is attendance mandatory?
you teach or I teach?
computer loan?
what grade does the school start and end with?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

school dilemma

we watched connections academy dvd and there are things I like and things I dont like. And I dont appreciate the tracking a student for college or for "life". you should be able to take the classes you want (outside of requirements for graduation) and not be mommytracked or deadended. I think that a kid who wants to take chemistry or some other college prep course but doesnt intend to go to college should have that choice. just as college bound kids should have the choice to take classes more often frequented by the not college bound. so anyways the tracking bugs me. The lady on the video bugs me too but I wouldnt have to deal with her! also if I have to do the teaching then why should I bother? Like its a public school, online, but YOU the parent teach the courses with their curriculum essentially. That bugs me. I dont think they do the laptop deal. I have but one computer and 2 kids, that isn't gonna cut it if they have to work several hours a day.

Other options I have found
mnvirtualacademy only goes through grade 11 I read somewhere.
or just go to PS but we REALLY enjoy our freedom and our local school isnt all that great.

If I have to teach it anyways then maybe I should go to and order my own curriculum

any other ideas ?

as for the wee ones I think we will keep on keepin on. Ethan is learning to read, Maia is writing her name and doing prereading stuff, and they love lapbooking. so I am not too worried about what to do with them. Chrysta can pick up another year doing whatever I come up with and then start at whatever secondary/high school I decide upon.