Thursday, October 23, 2008


We went to the theater to see peter pan yesterday. It was a large group of homeschoolers. It was a group of us that we have dubbed the Obama Mamas. Then we went to the BRAND NEW library. It is times like these I really LOVE homeschool. Our kids get to do so many neat things. There were a bazillion other kids there from PS but I get to be with them when they discover these joys. I get to watch their faces light up. I get to explain them that when the curtain goes down but it stays dark they are just resetting the scene, it doesnt mean it's over. There were a few moments where it was kind of hectic ie when we were coming or leaving and ten bazillion kids in two straight lines, and probably one named madoline. They were like a mob! I also saw some inappropriate behavior and I just shook my head, knowing my kid isnt going to be exposed to that. not that they were outright naughty kids but I saw some gestures from the kids behind us that were just not the kind of behavior I want my kids to learn. It was a good day. They learned about theater etiquette, they learned about sets, and how they change. They got to see actors and actresses in action, rather than on tv. They got to see that so much more goes into a play than just the acting, dancing, singing. They even got to see the musicians in the pit! All in all it was fun, and educational too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

we started the pumpkin lapbooks this morning. Ethan's attention span is SO SHORT and he just had such a hard time sitting. I made him do jumping jacks to try and use up some energy so he could focus. I ordered more American Girl books, and also Oak Meadow for Cody. I am bidding on ebay on Oak Meadow for Chrysta but she wants to do lapbooking. She is working on Thomas Edison lapbook right now. I am not sure what to do with her. She is an artsy fartsy kinda girl so lapbooking is totally her thang. I could pend 175 dollars on a used OM or spend 175 on lapbook kits. I wish I wasn't so wishy washy! lol. Making these kinds of decisions are hard for me. Etan and Maia are at preschool today. Ethan was not having a great day so I was happy to see him go.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I put together a mishmash of pumpkin lapbook stuff for the kids. I also found some stuff about immigrants from sweden for a lapbook on Kirsten the American Girl. We just read about her. I ordered some more American Girl books about Kirsten, but for now we are reading Felicity(because that's what I had around) I could go to the library but our library is small and I LOVE books. Where other women would love to go out and spend money on shoes, thats me with books. I hate shoes. Give me a hundred bucks and a bookstore and I will be in heaven. Take me shoe shopping and I will grumble and whine the entire time and very likely come home with no shoes. My older two are not big readers. I am trying to get the little two into reading so they will want to and love to read. They are quite young right now and not reading on their own yet so they might later want to read them for themselves.

I also found an oak meadow set for cody. I just have to get some money to the lady. I wish he was interested in stuff besides the computer.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am looking at oak meadow again. Eric just doesnt seem to think they are getting enough info. I want to go completely the opposite direction. but at least oak meadow is not too over the top. oh and get this. I sent out the computers for iq the day after I was told to. That was how many weeks ago? they called on thursday while we were gone and left a message wanting to know if we sent them back since they cant find them. HELLOOOOOOO. you wait a month to tell me you cant find them? not my problem. It was just one more "huh, they really arent very organised" moment.