Monday, June 30, 2008

fret fret fret

what to do about next year. Mishmash was ok up until now but C will be in 8th grade this year and I feel like he needs something more. the other C will be in 6 and could do mishamash again just fine but I am trying to find somethng we can stick with until they graduate. (I should edit to add that we dont want to pay 300 a credit per year!) there has to be SOMETHING. We looked at some online schools. Public online schools. I just dont know which way to go. My kid is unique, he is my kid, and so far I just havent found the thing that would suit him. He absolutely abhorrs the idea of going TO school. he is ok with ps online but doesnt want to go to the building. which is fine, we have come to enjoy our freedom in hs. we can vacation when we want, day trips when we want(often!) hit the beach while everyone else is in school. If anyone reads this and has some links for me to curriculum I would gladly look at them. I am just so unsure which way to go. I need a big lightning bolt to come out of the sky with the answer attached to it.