Tuesday, November 11, 2008

where do we go from here?

it was not a good homeschool day. everyone got upset. C and C didnt want to do anything. I got mad because they take the lazy way out of everything. C of course doesnt want to do any writing. he hates writing. but geez in life you will have to write stuff. and I am so not enjoying this. I so wanted a curriculum that would have it all planned out for us. I thought they would be more independent then. but I have to ride them constantly or they do nothing. I dont want to send them to PS, I really dont. But I dont feel like I am doing a very competent job here. its a battle to do anything. The little ones like lapbooks, ethan is starting to write things and sound them out by himself. but how do I get the big kids to give a shit?how do other people do it? what am I doing wrong? I would like to move toward unschooling more but my husband is so not on board with that. Reading is really difficult for C. always has been. I dont know what to do about that either. feeling very inadequate today. at one point I threw the books on the floor and said I QUIT. go to PS if you arent even going to try.