Monday, November 2, 2009

I guess its been decided

we will no longer be dancing on water. off they go to school.

daily I struggle to decide

keep them home or send them to school. Eric really wants them to stay home. I really do too but I am running out of energy to deal with it all. There are few good secular curriculums out there. There are online schools for the older ones and maybe thats a possibility. but they tried that once and didnt like it. As for Ethan getting him to do anything is difficult. he is distractible and onery. Maybe he needs a med increase. wonder if that would help anything. I just go back and forth daily. ten times a day. keep them or send them. send them or keep them? Once we get the H1N1 out of the way I can send Sophie and Ben to preschool with Maia. I could put Ben in K but he is nowhere near ready for that. and he would end up missing a lot of school anyways due to upcoming appointments and healthcare for his AMC. I want them to stay home. but I waant them to learn. and the way things are going. they are home but not a lot of learning and I am only one person and can not entertain little ones while simultaneously teaching older ones. I just dont know. I might send them and they hate it. I might send them and they love it. I might keep them and they hate it. In asking the kids what THEY want ethan doesnt want to go to school on some days and some days he does. but he doesnt want to go to K he wants to go to PreK. no. that wont work. Chrysta wants to but doesnt want to go. cody absolutely doesnt want to go. so that leaves us one nay, one yay, and one possible yay or nay. not helpful in deciding!