Wednesday, April 15, 2009

to school or not to school

I am once again looking to next year. As much as I liked the oak meadow I think I liked doing our own thing better. I have also been working with the little ones. They love the workbooks I got from the dollar store for them. They are doing math(addition and subtraction) phonics, learning to read, and time and money workbooks. Eric is so funny about hs. in one breath he is saying I dont think they are learning enough. they arent doing enough. and then when I mention school he says no, I dont think thats a great idea because_______. I suppose I ought to get them a standardized test but I dont really believe that is the best evaluator of what they know. Eric however believes in them wholeheartedly. I think Cody especially wouldnt do great on a standardized test. chrysta could probably do fine on it. It isnt that cody doesnt know anything but rather he doesnt pay attention to details like if it says which one is NOT the correct answer or if he misses one answer row and then the rest of the test is off because he is answering question 23 on line 24 or 25. makes a difference. I considered public school. but the randomness of their rules really irk me. like you cant play on the slides when its wet or snowy. umm yeah thats like 3/4 of the year here! so they have this big playground just taunting them but they arent allowed to play on it? yeah THAT makes sense. and I know there is a lot of bullying that goes on and I know one girl in particular that tends to thrive on drama and who knows what she would come up with. add to that the fact that when I went to kindergarten round up last year to consider it the teacher said boughten. as in if you have already boughten this or that. Doesn't say a lot about the caliber of the teaching. And since they are already learning reading and addition and all that they do in K they might as well not go to K. So I am looking towards next year while trying to focus enough on this year to keep working. Spring fever tends to set in for me about now. I want to be done with school and I am scheduled out. I KNOW I am so tired of the scouts schedule. and 4H and gym class and museums and keeping up with the schooling too. If we moved I might consider them going to school. but it doesnt look like we are moving any time soon. so I better find a way to continue.


Tami said...

What a dilemma. I have often thought about homeschooling, but a) I don't know that I have it in me to parent my children AND teach them. And b) while my husband is softening his thoughts on homeschooling, a no is still a no. Frustrating. Hopeing you figure out your path soon. ;)

MoonDog said...

thanks Tami. I love having them home but sometimes I do yearn for them to be GONE for a few hours a day! but probably not EIGHT hours a day. thankfully husband is mostly on board but we feel differently about how and what to teach.

Christine said...

Sounds like your mindis already made up. :)

lera said...

Hi there.

We try to call him Saw-yer, but oftentimes by us (but mostly others) it comes out Soy-er. I prefer Saw-yer, but I can't control what others say and I don't bother correcting it.

We don't have a nickname derived from his name. We call him "Buddy" a lot because I used to call him "Baby" and then I didn't want to continue to call him that. Buddy started because I would start the B for Baby and I'd roll it in to a Bbbbbuddy. I really don't want to call him Buddy, but now the other kids call him that, too. lol